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Barchart Premier

Wed, Jul 10th, 2019
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Barchart Premier is a customized ad-free experience that gives you the power of institutional grade data and research tools an affordable price. Designed for the self-directed investor, Barchart Premier unlocks all the features of Barchart... Options Screeners, Watchlists, Historical Data download, My Charts, Unlimited Custom Views, Advanced Alerts, and Screen on List to name a few. As a Premier Member you can receive personalized research delivered to your Inbox every day – your favorite Charts – personalized Screeners – your Portfolio or your Watchlist featuring any off the hundreds of fields available within Custom Views.

No More Annoying Ads... so you can focus on WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT

  • Provides an optimized workspace experience with more viewing space.
  • Enjoy a faster load time and a cleaner, better experience — with no distractions.

Unlock MORE tools... to give you ultimate access to all Barchart has to offer

  • Unlimited Custom Views, Chart Templates and Price Alerts
  • Unlimited Watchlists, Portfolios and Screeners
  • 100 Daily Downloads to .csv file (vs. 5 with your Free Membership)

Watchlist & Portfolio reports... to stay on top of the symbols you're watching, and the ones you're invested in

  • Get your reports delivered up to three times daily (Market Open, Mid-Day and End-of-Day).
  • Emails can be sent with any Custom View, and with a .csv file for download and archiving.

Screen on Your Favorite Barchart pages... for targeted analysis

  • Pull symbols from top Barchart pages directly into the Stock Screener.
  • Run Screeners on your Watchlists and Portfolios.
  • Have your Screener emailed to you at the end of each day, along with a .csv file for downloading and archiving.

Historical Quotes Download... up to 20-Years of Historical Data

  • Get access to our extensive database of historical symbol data, back to January 1, 2000.
  • Download symbol price and volume data to a .csv file for spreadsheets or other applications.
  • Extract data from any Interactive Chart – including study values. Intraday data is available down to 1-minute increments.

Your Own "My Charts" Portfolio... personalized charts you can view on demand

  • Build numerous charts for the same symbol, each with their own trendlines and studies.
  • Save multiple commodity spread charts and expressions.
  • Get your charts emailed to you at the end of each day.

Advanced Options Screeners... find the trades with the highest potential return

  • Get access to targeted Options Reports and sophisticated Options Screeners.
  • Identify, analyze and categorize the most interesting, and potentially most-profitable opportunities that will suit any trading strategy.

Create Complex Price Alerts... with SMS text and email notification

  • Set alerts based on Price, Change, Volume, Technicals and Barchart Opinions.
  • Get notification when a symbol makes a new high or low, when TrendSpotter turns to a Buy or Sell signal, and more.

Trading Strategies and Hypothetical Trading Results... view BARCHART OPINIONS performance

  • See the Buy/Sell signals for any symbol and their hypothetical performance from 13 popular indicators.
  • View each hypothetical trade's Entry/Exit on a chart to better identify signals.
  • Indicators are back-tested for a period of five years.

Premier Support... dedicated to YOUR SUCCESS

  • Free initial one-on-one consultation to help get you started.
  • Access to our Premier help desk. Expert support for all your questions.
  • Access your subscription anywhere... desktop, tablet or phone.
AND... all of these Premium Tools ARE PART of a Premier Membership!

What's Included in Barchart Premier:

More Tools, Powerful Features Not Available with a Free Membership

Available only with a Premier Membership<\/strong>, use the Options Screeners to find Covered Calls, Naked Puts, Bull Call, Bear Call, Bull Put and Bear Put Spreads that best match your trading strategies. Or create your own Options Screener to narrow down puts or calls for Stocks, ETFs or Indices using the criteria you select.<\/p>\n

Each of the screeners allow you to dig deeper to find options with promising potential returns. Search weekly or monthly expiration dates to view potential candidates. You may also save a screener for quick retrieval at a later time.<\/p>","my_barchart":false,"premier":true},{"title":"Download Historical Data Back to January 1, 2000","short_description":"End-of-Day symbol data is available for download, back to January 1, 2000. You may also save historical chart and study data directly from Interactive Charts.","description":"

Download the historical data for any symbol we carry, either from the symbol's Price History page or from the Interactive Chart, to a comma separated value (.csv) file. Chart downloads allow for intraday data and study values to be extracted as well.<\/p>","my_barchart":false,"premier":true},{"title":"Stocks, ETFs, and Funds Screeners with Auto End-of-Day Emailed Results","short_description":"Create powerful screeners using custom filters, then have Barchart email the results to you each day!","description":"

Search for new trading and investing ideas using Barchart's powerful screening tools with over 150 different screening filters. Have Barchart automatically run your saved screeners for you each day after market close, then send you the top results via an email.<\/p>\n

Additionally, Premier Members<\/strong> can also screen on any of the equity Leaderboard pages on the site as a starting point to find interesting stocks.<\/p>","my_barchart":false,"premier":true},{"title":"Screen on Your Watchlists, Portfolios, and Barchart Leaderboards","short_description":"Screen on the symbols you're already watching, or those from Barchart's major pages for further analysis.","description":"

Available only with a Premier Membership<\/strong>, use the screener to further analyze the symbols you've already added to your Watchlists and Portfolios.<\/p>\n

Base a screener off of one of the main leaderboard pages on the site, such as Today's New Highs, Top Stocks to Own, or Volume Leaders.<\/p>\n

Apply custom filters, save the screener, then run it again at a later date to see if you gain a new perspective. You can even save the results to another Watchlist when you find results you want to save.<\/p>","my_barchart":false,"premier":true},{"title":"Custom \"My Charts\" Portfolio with End-of-Day Chart Emails","short_description":"Save a \"Portfolio\" of custom charts, with multiple charts for any one symbol, then receive any of these charts at the end of the day.","description":"

\"My Charts\" is a feature that allows you to build and save unique chart setups, each with their own custom configuration. For example, you may save five charts for the same symbol, each with different trend lines and aggregations. Or, save multiple futures spread charts for your ongoing analysis.<\/p>\n\t\t\t\t

\"My Charts\" are found in Dashboard and in the My Barchart section, where you'll also get automatic streaming updates to any Interactive Chart you save.<\/p>","my_barchart":false,"premier":true},{"title":"Dashboard -- Including My Charts","short_description":"View automatic updating streaming charts featuring the symbols you care about most from your Watchlists, Portfolios, My Charts, and other Major Market pages.","description":"

Dashboard was designed to offer a one-page solution for watching the symbols you've identified as being of interest. It opens in a new browser window, allowing you to keep the website open in the background to research and monitor other market developments.<\/p>\n\t\t\t\t

Unlike FlipCharts that you may use from your Watchlist and Portfolio pages, Dashboard lets you change chart settings, customize each chart, and display other high-level research tools for these symbols.<\/p>\n\t\t\t\t

With Interactive Charts, you'll get the most recent chart updates direct to your browser, along with news and analysis for any market featured on Barchart... PLUS free real-time U.S. equities data.<\/p>","my_barchart":false,"premier":true},{"title":"Premier End-of-Day Reports","short_description":"Get your custom screener results, 100% Buy and Sell Signals, Indicator Performance Emails, and more.","description":"

Create and save custom screeners, and receive an end-of-day report for symbols that match the screener filters. Premier Members may also get end-of-day reports for symbols that appeared on the Trading Strategies pages.<\/p>\n

These reports can greatly improve the time spent on investigating new opportunities. They are great daily recaps that highlight symbols meeting your specific screener criteria, or those whose Barchart Opinion has changed during the course of the trading day.<\/p>","my_barchart":false,"premier":true},{"title":"Receive .csv File each day of your Watchlists or Custom Screener Results","short_description":"We'll send an attachment each day for spreadsheet integration and further analysis.","description":"

You can choose to receive a .csv file attachment via an End-of-Day Watchlist or Screener email, for uploading the day's activity to a 3rd party spreadsheet.<\/p>","my_barchart":false,"premier":true},{"title":"Advanced Real-time Price Alerts","short_description":"Receive real-time price alerts, and build complex alerts based on premier strategies.","description":"

Price alerts for US equities are triggered based on real-time Cboe BZX prices. <\/p>\n\t\t\t\t

As a Premier Member<\/strong>, you'll gain access to hundreds of additional alert filters including Price, Change, Liquidity, Highs\/Lows, Technicals, and Opinions data fields. You also may choose to receive SMS text alerts for immediate notification when an alert triggers.<\/p>\n

For example, receive alerts when a symbol's TrendSpotter Opinion changes to a Buy, or create advanced alerts where multiple conditions must all be met for the alert to trigger.<\/p>","my_barchart":false,"premier":true}]}">Use these static .csv files for your own calculations or off-line analysis.<\/p>\n

While data downloads are available for all site members, My Barchart members are limited to 5 daily downloads (1000 symbols\/download) while Barchart Premier Members<\/strong> get 100 per day (5000 symbols\/download). <\/p>","my_barchart":"5","premier":"100"},{"title":"Custom Views","short_description":"Build your own custom column headings for use on any data table on the website. ","description":"

Premier Members<\/strong> can create unlimited Custom Views. Choose from over 200 different data fields including Price Change, Moving Averages, Pivot Points, Barchart Opinions, and other Technicals.<\/p>","my_barchart":"5","premier":"Unlimited"},{"title":"Chart Templates","short_description":"Used to quickly apply your favorite settings (bar type, studies, time frames, etc.) to charts.","description":"

A chart template is a framework for all the charting you'll do on the site. Templates define Aggregation (Intraday, Daily, etc.), Bar Type (OHLC, Candlesticks, etc.), and Studies.<\/p>\n

Premier Members<\/strong> can create unlimited Chart Templates for Interactive or Technical Charts.<\/p>","my_barchart":"5","premier":"Unlimited"},{"title":"Watchlists","short_description":"Keep track of symbols that interest you so you can easily monitor market changes.","description":"

The ease and convenience of Watchlists will help you stay on track of your daily analysis. View Flipcharts on all symbols, apply Custom Views. You may even request an End-of-Day Watchlist recap to be sent via email.<\/p>\n

Premier Members<\/strong> can create unlimited Watchlists, and can choose any Custom View for their End-of-Day Watchlist email.<\/p>","my_barchart":"5","premier":"Unlimited"},{"title":"Portfolios","short_description":"Manage your shareholdings while using Barchart's unique suite of analysis tools.","description":"

Portfolios are used to accurately track your investments. Track your equities, futures and forex positions in one place, and have a wealth of market data and news at your fingertips to help you with your investment decisions.<\/p>","my_barchart":"5","premier":"Unlimited"},{"title":"Morning, Midday and End-of-Day Watchlist & Portfolio Emails","short_description":"Get daily updates on your individualized lists.","description":"

Receive daily recaps for any of your Watchlists or Portfolios. As a Premier Member<\/strong>, you can choose the layout of your Watchlist email by selecting any View for the email format ... even a Custom View!<\/p>\n

Select to receive recaps at Market Open (9:00am CT), Midday (12:00pm CT) or End-of-Day (4:45pm CT). Premier Members<\/strong> may also receive an email recap of your Portfolio's Profit or Loss.<\/p>","my_barchart":"5","premier":"Unlimited"},{"title":"Saved Custom Screeners","short_description":"Run the same screeners each day to see new results.","description":"

Site Members can save filters as a custom screener, then re-run them at any time to view the new, most recent results.<\/p>\n

As a Premier Member<\/strong>, you can save unlimited screeners, amounting to a huge time-savings when performing your analysis each day.<\/p>","my_barchart":"5","premier":"Unlimited"},{"title":"Basic Price Alerts","short_description":"Be notified with price changes or news mentions for symbols you follow.","description":"

With your free membership, set up to 50 basic price or news alerts (last price is above or below a value) and be notified via email once the alert triggers.<\/p>\n

Upgrade to Premier<\/strong>, and in addition to having unlimited alerts, you will also gain access to Advanced Price Alerts for building more complex alert conditions.<\/p>","my_barchart":"50","premier":"Unlimited"}]}">


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30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If after trying everything out you don't think Barchart Premier is for you, let us know within the first 30 days and we will give you a full membership refund — Guaranteed.

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